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About me.

Hello, I'm Lina Sidhe, Brazilian illustrator with a huge love for books! I currently work in partnership with publishers and several independent authors, helping writers from all over the world to bring their stories to life! My mission is to bring a magical touch to the reading experience with enchanting illustrations and captivating designs. I am an architect by training and a specialist in the visual arts. When I'm not working or studying, I'm doing a hobby that usually includes art, music and a little bit of adventure 🖤.




Architecture and urbanism
University of Brasilia

The Faculty of Architecture is a very complete education and it was there that I consolidated my knowledge of drawing and plastic, as well as the principles of composition and design. Other concepts such as aesthetics, function and viewer experience also enriched my work. 


Artistic Enterprise
Ilustra S/A

Ilustra S/A immersed me in the professional world of illustrators. It was there that I learned the main demands of this market and how it works. From style direction to contract formalization, it was at S/A that I consolidated the illustration company Lina Sidhe.


Digital Visual Arts
SAGA (Adobe)

SAGA has enabled me to improve my digital arts skills. This specialization is certified by the main software on the market, such as Adobe and Autodesk. This course ranges from vector art, to image composition, 3D modeling and virtual reality.  

A feed to meet Lina Sidhe

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